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Rube Goldberg contests, projects fairs and competitions are held annually for fun and learning all around the United States.

A Rube Goldberg web site would not be complete without the following links:

Curious about what has inspired the creation of our Rube Goldberg Invention Convention? The answer is at Alexis' Amazing Site of Rube Goldberg! Many project hints and links related to Rube Goldberg, science, robots and more.

This is the Official Rube Goldberg web page! This ever-expanding site has many cartoon samples and interesting facts about Rube Goldberg. Note: if the link does not work, try this one.

The largest Rube Goldberg competition among college students is held annually at Purdue University. Each machine has at least 25 steps. The contest is held each April -- check their site for information on the latest, fun-filled national contest.

High school students in the Chicago area compete at the Argonne Contest contest each year.

Numerous sites come and go, so rather than create a long list of potentially outdated Web pages, be sure to conduct your own search of "rube goldberg" on search engines such as Netscape, Altavista, Yahooligans, HotBot, etc.

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