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You asked for videos, so here they are!

The Stevens College Club Machine from the Spring 2006 Open House and Picnic. Learn how to build your very own Gauss Rifle using magnetic propulsion.

View the infamous Honda Cog commericial. It only took 606 tries until they got all the steps to work! (So stop complaining about your machine)

Here's a funny commericial with a crazy contraption and a hippo.

A 12-minute video of Rube Goldberg style clips from a Japanese TV show called That's the Way Things Go.

An alarm clock machine, created by four geniuses in their dorm room, St. John's College, Cambridge, MA.

A 30-minute German film, Def Lauf Der Dinge, made in a warehouse long before the Honda Cog commericial was created. Lots of fire, liquid nitrogen and good slow action.

Caution: a Goldberg-style cartoon with a bit of violence.

Half-Life 2 Goldberg-type clip and another one.

Two guys making fun of the Honda Cog commercial. Click on the TV link with the giant tire.

Plenty of science and technology at How Stuff Works, from how to pick a lock, to how microprocessers work, to the impressive 1001 horsepower Bugutti Veyron.

Rube Goldberg is Cool!

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