Entry Form for the Rube Goldberg Invention Convention
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Submissions Deadline: Using your Internet browser's "print" button, print the entry form on this page. Then fill it out neatly, and mail it (regular postal mail) by April 24, 2000 to the address below. Space is given on a first come, first served basis. The event is completely free.

Please print neatly!
Project Name _____________________________________________
(as it will appear in our published program)

Print Names of all participants for this project + Age:
___________________________________________ ____
___________________________________________ ____
___________________________________________ ____
___________________________________________ ____
___________________________________________ ____
___________________________________________ ____

Size of the project in feet: ________x_________x________
Length x Width x Height ---- Note: Project limited to 4 x 4 x 5 feet
How will you display your project? Choose one:
Floor space is best for large projects (over 2 feet wide) and for projects that require a sturdy surface to work properly. For instance, a machine using a mousetrap and dominoes will require a sturdy surface so the dominoes are not triggered prematurely.

______ Table (NOTE: you must provide your own table).
Tables work best for small projects limited to the size of your table, or for entries that are a machine/invention drawing on posterboard.

Contact Name: _________________________________
Mailing address: ________________________________
_____________________________________________ (City State Zip)

Contact (Area Code) Phone Number: _____________________
Contact Email (if available): _____________________________

Is this an assigned school project? (yes/no) ______ School Name: ___________________

If you grant permission for use of your name, description of your project, and pictures and/or videos of you and your project to be used for future promotions (in print or on the Web), please sign here. No compensation will be given for this usage.
If under 18, please have your parent sign:

To mail the form, first please email Mechanical Invention Workshop for their current postal address: contraptions@yahoo.com

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